Talking to James Cotton

The next person I’d like to interview for the documentary is James Cotton (left). I’ve left messages for his management, but as of today I haven’t heard back. Maybe I’ll have to become that squeaky wheel because he’s an important piece of the festival. Actually James Cotton was a popular headliner at many of the Northwest rock… Continue reading Talking to James Cotton

Documentaries are the Efforts of Many

The longer I work on this documentary, Buffalo Rock, the more astounded I am by people who step forward to help. Just last week, Todd Miller loaned me this book (which by the way is great), another person has reached out to help find musicians, and another gentleman told me to start the Kickstart campaign… Continue reading Documentaries are the Efforts of Many

Parachuting into the Buffalo Convention

I keep being surprised by what turns up while researching. This week it’s been information about the parachuting. I’d heard about the parachuters dropping in during the rock festival, but had just assumed they were promotional. I was completely wrong. Jamie Zartman, one of the skydivers, talked to me about diving into the place. He… Continue reading Parachuting into the Buffalo Convention

Come Find us at the Eatonville Art Festival, August 5-7

We’re gearing up for the Eatonville Art Festival this weekend, August 5-7, 2016. We’ll have a booth to gather story leads, sell t-shirts, hats and posters, and pretty much just spread the word. The Eatonville Art Festival launched not long after the Buffalo Party, in 1972. Although Art festivals are common today, that wasn’t the case 40… Continue reading Come Find us at the Eatonville Art Festival, August 5-7

A look into the 1960s

Interviewing folks involved in the 1970 Eatonville Rock Festival (Buffalo Party Convention and Pig Roast) is turning out to be an adventure in time travel. People walk you through a world without computers, where hiking to an event was safe (and legal) and psychedelic drugs are the thing. The Pierce County Superior Court issued an… Continue reading A look into the 1960s

Interview with Kristine Johnson

I interviewed Kristine Johnson for the Buffalo Rock documentary yesterday. Kristine came out to the Buffalo Party Convention with a high school girlfriend in 1970, and for all intents and purposes stayed. She worked at Emerald Downs for a couple years, saving money to buy land out in Eatonville, and ended up buying five acres… Continue reading Interview with Kristine Johnson