Talking to James Cotton

Johnny Winter 10.jpegThe next person I’d like to interview for the documentary is James Cotton (left). I’ve left messages for his management, but as of today I haven’t heard back. Maybe I’ll have to become that squeaky wheel because he’s an important piece of the festival. Actually James Cotton was a popular headliner at many of the Northwest rock festival around 1970.

For those that aren’t familiar with the grammy-winning, blues artist, you are in for a treat. He’s a master on the harmonica.

We’ve interviewed people who attended the concert who said it was James Cotton’s music that woke them up to the blues and they’ve been listening to it every since.

Leslie Dunlap said she snuck into the Buffalo Part Convention and Pig Road (rock festival) as a 16-year-old kid with her dog. She was feeling a little alone and James Cotton must have noticed. He came over and they talked for about half an hour. About what? I guess I need to interview her too!



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