Documentaries are the Efforts of Many

The longer I work on this documentary, Buffalo Rock, the more astounded I am by people who step forward to help. Just last week, Todd Miller loaned me this book (which by the way is great), another person has reached out to help find musicians, and another gentleman told me to start the Kickstart campaign because he’d like to help fund the film.

What I’m learning is that a documentary is not the work of one, but the work of many. And during a time (this is being written less than a week after the election) when there are reports of people being less-than-kind to each other, I’m only finding people going the extra mile to help make this movie a reality.

Not only does it make me feel good about humanity, but also makes me feel like the final product will be that much better because of so many people stepping forward.

Thank you in advance everyone. You are making this a great and humbling experience.

Diane Mettler

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