A lot to learn

DocForest film - Eatonville
DocForest film – Eatonville

I just finished up a weekend with the Seattle Documentary Association, which just had their DocForest event in Eatonville. It was fate I should attend, as it was held on the very land that the rock festival was held on at Pack Forest.

What did I learn? Well, that I have a LOT to learn about shooting and editing. I’m thankful to one of the speakers, cinematographer, Andy Shocken, who showed us how to block a scene. I felt like he was speaking directly to me.

Seattle Documentary Association
Seattle Documentary Association

I realize there is so much to learn about editing, and that person brings so much to the table, that I need a good one. So, from here on out, I’m on the hunt. I’m looking for someone who shares the vision—to allow an audience young and old experience the event. For those that attended rock festivals, it should be a sense of nostalgia, and for the young it should be a time travel trip to the past to experience the festival first hand. My job, find fabulous content.

The Seattle Doc group was amazing, supportive and talented.  I may have lead them to stories around Eatonville, but they lead me farther along the path of filmmaker.


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