Parachuting into the Buffalo Convention

Jamie Zartman jumping around 1970
Jamie Zartman jumping around 1970

I keep being surprised by what turns up while researching. This week it’s been information about the parachuting. I’d heard about the parachuters dropping in during the rock festival, but had just assumed they were promotional. I was completely wrong.

Jamie Zartman, one of the skydivers, talked to me about diving into the place. He was in the Navy, stationed in Bremerton with some friends. They heard about the festival, but also heard the roads were blocked. “That isn’t much of a deterrent for skydivers,” he says.

Jamie Zartman, 2016
Jamie Zartman, 2016

The three flew in over the site and jumped. Two came down near the stage. The first thing Jamie remembers after landing is being asked is if he was a narc. Sounds like it didn’t take them long to explain they were just there to enjoy the tunes.

Weirder yet. We had footage to share with Jamie of his decent.

Diggin’ this groovy journey.


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