Buffalo Rock documentary starts filming

The Buffalo Rock documentary about the Eatonville Rock Festival (more formally known as the Buffalo Party Convention and Pig Roast) has finally launched. I’ve dreamed of doing this project for years, so it’s exciting to see the first footage being shot and interviews being lined up.

Thanks to all those who commented about the rock festival on EatonvilletoRainier.com, and who gave me confidence that there was an interest in the topic, besides just mine.

There is a website, eatonvillerockfestival.com as well as a Buffalo Rock Facebook page, that I hope you’ll check out and/or like.

OK, that’s it for now. Hope you’ll stay tuned and continue with us along the journey. And if you have stories to share, they are all welcome!

It’s a groovy day!

Diane Mettler


7 thoughts on “Buffalo Rock documentary starts filming

  1. As one of the Eatonville Six, I spent a wonderful seventy-six days in the Pierce County Jail when the county raided the cleanup-up crew after the concert. Went to work for Murphy for about a month on his Buffalo Ranch after I got out and then for another month or so at his salvage yard in Tacoma. Robin and Dallas Alice were in the hoosegow with me. The 3 minors that were arrested were let go with 24 hours or so.


      1. If you can find him, contact David Thatcher who was still there from the time of the rock concert to my return visit in the summer of 1972.


  2. Thanks you. I will try to look him up. By the way, are you interested in being interviewed for the documentary? 🙂


  3. I was one of the core of organizers/festival producers along with Lanie wynja, Richard Docken and Jay Camlet. Not sure on any of the spellings. Have stories. Jimmy


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